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    Masaya, Nicaragua February 9, 2018.

    Dear St. Mary´s Family, it is an honor for me to address myself to you as the Elementary Coordinator aware that it is a great responsibility and a privilege to be part of a child´s education process.

    It is in the elementary school where we find the basic education grades, from first to sixth, and where we work in order for our students to acquire basic but important skills for they are key to develop capacity and attitude in a continuous learning environment from motor skills to social and cultural aspects.

    Our education plan defines the child as a constructor of its own learning process and from there we enrich his or her  previous knowledge to enhance the formal learning which also includes Christian Values and National Identity.

    Our  elementary  teachers  design  activities  oriented  towards  learning  strategies  that  promote  observation, exploration and the interaction among fellow classmates and teachers based on their own experience and therefore come up with solutions supported on their previous knowledge with the teacher guiding and providing a creative environment that creates interest and joy in their constant learning space.

    This school year we´ll have many opportunities to grow and improve and I trust that with your support we will move forward with firm steps but sure of being on the right track to a better version of ourselves. I am really happy to have this opportunity of being able to contribute in this beautiful and important stage of our children´s life, I´m sure it will be a productive school year.

    I shall, of course be delighted to accompany you along your child´s elementary years.


    Kindest regards,

    Annabell Cristina Acuña González

    Elementary Coordinator