What are schools for parents?

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What are schools for parents?

St. Mary School with great interest in family unity and triangular communication between fathers/mothers-children has created a space where parents can comment educational relevant topics that promote values that we practice as a Christian catholic community, taking care and supporting the family in the integral growth of each one of our students.

In this space we have encounters with different specialists from the country, related with psychology and pedagogy, we discuss themes of interest for the different areas of our educative system (preschool, elementary and high school) with the purpose to contribute to a better educative service.

Our After Schoor Activities

Benefits of School for Parents
• Strengthening partnerships of parents, guardians and friends educational centers.
• Responding to the needs of our students and their families.
• Space to explore current issues in education.
• Help to benefit the relationship between parents and children and the family in general.
• Through regular meetings prepared, fathers and mothers, tutors and counselors, we come together to share ideas, goals and experiences in order to harmonize relations between the school and the family.

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