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    Dear parents,


    On behalf of the teachers and the entire staff of Saint Mary High School, I give you the most warm-hearted welcome to this new school year. We are currently working hard to achieve our educational goals that are directly reflected in the education of your children.


    In this year, we renew our commitment to our students to deliver the necessary tools to choose their future upon graduation. This commitment involves developing their skills and abilities, providing meaningful learning and delivering relevant knowledge, so they can face their higher education with confidence and conviction. 


    Every teaching process, in order to acquire learning, needs of the daily attendance and permanence of the children to the school. In this sense, there would be no achievements without the contribution of the family. Without your support, we cannot move forward, we need you to be an active part in the education of our youth. For this, we invite you to have an effective communication with the teachers through e-mail or the scheduled visits, according to the hours of attention of our teachers. 


    Finally, I appreciate the trust you have placed in us to support you in the formation of your children, and it is the wish of our entire Saint Mary family that your children have an excellent school year. Best regards,


    MSc. Graciela Torres Castillo

    High school coordinator