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    Dear families and students from St. Mary School. In my first lines I want to wish you blessings and peace for each of your homes. St Mary School (STM) is filled with joy and gladness when starting a new year of conviviality. Our education system is based on solid principles of the Catholic religion. It is a pleasure for me to share that we belong to the International Organization for Catholic Education (OIEC). On November 2015 we had the opportunity to represent the school in Rome in the Convention of Catholic Schools. St. Mary School is growing further in their academic programs and international relationships, which come directly to benefit our students. This year our students will participate in prestigious activities such as: DALE, Hacia Democracy, cultural and academic exchange programs with Flintridge Prep. It is very important to mention that every year we invest in our school facilities, in order to provide convenience to our community education and welfare. This year we remodeled 600 square metres of paving stone to create a pleasant atmosphere in our parking spaces facilitating the vehicular traffic, we also invested in the IT rooms and remodeling our Library. This year we will be celebrating our First Highschool Graduation, which is already a success for our educational system. The high level of performance of our students is the result of joint work of teachers, parents and their own. I am pleased to inform you that the students of this graduation will be in an application process during 2016 to apply into prestigious nationals and internationals universities. Wishing you success and blessings to all, and thanking you for your trust in our work, I wish you a Holy Year of Mercy. Best regards. Mrs. Adriana Delgado De Ayestas General Headmaster.


    IMG_5283-compressor St. Mary School is a private institution with Catholic values and environmental awareness.  Combined with the bilingual education that your children deserve. Founded in 2005, Our academics levels goes from nursery through 11th grade. It’s Located in the residential area of Veracruz, we have an extensive campus for our process of remodeling and expansion. St. Mary School is run by a Board of Directors, General Headmaster and an Academic Director that promotes academic excellence in our curriculum through different areas. We are accredited by the International Organization of Catholic Education (OIEC) College and we are proud to educate students with the following values: love God above all things, love and respect for others, honesty, integrity, entrepreneurship, reliability, leadership, service attitude, commitment to himself or herself. We graduate young entrepreneurs and innovators who want to work for the future of Nicaragua. We invite you to visit our facilities and meet our family St. Mary. Best Regards, Ing. Adriana Delgado De Ayestas. General Headmaster.


    Provide our students an effective learning environment with integrated knowledge based on Catholic, democratic and cultural values in order to develop skills that Foster full human growth and form well-rounded and succesful citizens.


    To be a leading institution in continous growth and evolution that fosters integral human development with a motivated, innovative and entrepeneurial staff.


    Love God above all things Love and respect for others Honesty Integrity Entrepreneurship Reliability Leadership Service attitude Commitment to himself or herself


    We have teachers who combine their education with a strong background in teaching methods and passion for transmitting knowledge to students.


    According to the payment policies for 2017 St. Mary School invites you to cancel your tuitions as established in the following items.
    *When making your bank deposit or transfer reference indicate the student’s name. If you have any questions please contact us at: PBX: 2279-8841 - 8388-8903 admision@stmary.edu.ni | jmarenco@stmary.edu.ni


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