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    January 1st 2018

    Dear Parents.

    From my very first words I wish you all Blessing and Peace for you and your home. St. Mary School (STM) is full with enjoyment and happiness with the beginning of another year in harmony with our students and all the members of St. Mary´s Family.

    We want to share with you our achievements and strengths; as well as the challenges and projects for this school year 2018. I want to highlight the importance of your participation in your children´s education. I also want to thank you in advance for the support you will continue to offer to our curricular and extracurricular activities, and for working as a team along our educators, coordinators and directors, since these activities favor a quality and complete education for your Children. That is what identifies us as an innovate school in a continuous improvement process.

    Our academic staff will strengthen and reach real expectations based on learning constructions from the following views.

    1. Learning by doing through initiatives such as the elaboration of a Picture Book and the World Fair, where students put into practice team work and connect theory, practice and reality.
    2. The implementation of new evaluative strategies to assess our students taking into consideration all their different dimensions.
    3. The staging of a play with the purpose of strengthening the development of linguistic, social, imaginative, creative skills, and spontaneity, so that students are able to actively listening, and express properly through acting, dancing and, singing as pedagogical strategies for their formation.
    4. The promotion of the involvement of the students in cultural activities that contribute to a peaceful and happy coexistence between students and educators.
    5. Accompanying through training to our teachers and students on the pertinent usage of social media.

    We will continue to reinforce the exchange program with Flintridge Preparatory School in California. This exchange program consists of sending and receiving students for a two weeks period. This program fosters leadership, academic growth, and social and cultural independence.

    We will also go on with social programs such as computer lessons to students from the community through our Athletic Club on Leadership (ACL) and Spirit Club. Through these clubs we organize fundraising activities to support the efforts of CONANCA and the Orphanage “Hogar Belén”, the retirement home “San Jerónimo” and the animal shelter “Hogar Lucito”.

    Our Sport and After School Programs keep growing too. St. Mary School will have outstanding performance in sport tournaments and competitions during this year.

    With great gratitude to God, We present to you the investment in our facilities in the Pre-school area, infirmary, teachers´ lounge, and library as well as in technology and security improvement. We note in particular:

    • Bright Steps room, an area specialized in the Neuro-Motor system for our students from Pre-school to Second grade.
    • Expansion of our infirmary area.
    • Installation of projectors in all Elementary School Classrooms.
    • Elementary and High School computer laboratories technological equipment update.
    • Internet bandwidth enlargement for a better online experience. (Including all the security measures for a school)

    We are thrilled with our seniors who are well known for their sportsmanship and support to the neediest people, weaving everything together from our purpose and direction to offer an integral education.

    It should be noted that our school is chosen, for its high academic standards, by national universities as well as university in North and Latin America to apply in such institutions and continue with a high quality education process.

    During 2017 we received at St. Mary School, St. Mary University, Washington Central University, Keiser University, Zamorano, and TEC de Monterey. At the same time, we were invited to the open house of American universities organized by the USA Embassy´s Education Department, and some local universities: UCA, UAM, and UNICA among others. On this school year 2018 our students will have even more opportunities. We will continue to work in our Continuous Improvement Plan with emphasis in the following matters.

    • Continuous training program for our educators.
    • Accreditation request to AdvancED.

    We thank you for your support during this New Year 2018.

    The Director General and Academic Director wish you a year of blessings.


    Mrs. Adriana de Ayestas.  Director General

    Mr. Wilfredo Castro. Academic Director




    St. Mary School is a private institution with Catholic values and environmental awareness.  Combined with the bilingual education that your children deserve.

    Founded in 2005, Our academics levels goes from nursery through 11th grade. It’s Located in the residential area of Veracruz, we have an extensive campus for our process of remodeling and expansion. St. Mary School is run by a Board of Directors, General Headmaster and an Academic Director that promotes academic excellence in our curriculum through different areas. We are accredited by the International Organization of Catholic Education (OIEC) College and we are proud to educate students with the following values: love God above all things, love and respect for others, honesty, integrity, entrepreneurship, reliability, leadership, service attitude, commitment to himself or herself.

    We graduate young entrepreneurs and innovators who want to work for the future of Nicaragua. We invite you to visit our facilities and meet our family St. Mary.

    Best Regards,

    Ing. Adriana Delgado De Ayestas.

    General Headmaster.


    We are an educational community that fosters a human, scientific, Christian, and, bilingual proposal for our students through social constructivism to develop their critical, investigative capacities, and the expansion of all the dimensions, for they to be agents able to transform their reality.


    To be within the next decade a meaningful learning constructor community known for its human, academic, spiritual, technological, Cultural, and sporting quality that promotes the commitment for the development of a fairer society.


    Love God above all things
    Love and respect for others
    Service attitude
    Commitment to himself or herself


    We have teachers who combine their education with a strong background in teaching methods and passion for transmitting knowledge to students.


    According to the payment policies for 2018 St. Mary School invites you to cancel your tuitions as established in the following items.

    *When making your bank deposit or transfer reference indicate the student’s name. If you have any questions please contact us at:

    PBX: 2279-8841 | 8768-1835 Martileana Aguilarmaguilar@stmary.edu.ni
    8565-3629 Cinthya Sánchez | csanchezl@stmary.edu.ni 




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