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    Dear Parents: May the blessing of God be with you! It is a pleasure for me to extend a warm welcome to our preschool family. I am convinced that this year will be a productive one for each of us and especially for our children who are our priority.


    Our staff are highly qualified teachers in early learning. During this stage, children will develop skills that will train them to succeed throughout their school life. We have a nursery and toddlers class whose main objective is early stimulation through exploration, motor development skills, language, social-emotional area. The educational program is divided into three levels: PK 3, PK 4, and Kinder. Our curriculum is based on education by corners that fosters creativity, logical thinking, teamwork, and self-regulation. We trust in God that we will have a year full of blessings. Mrs. Anagabriela Zamora Preschool Coordinator
    Our areas of development are:
    • • Communication and language learning skills.
    • • Neuro Circuit.
    • • Math.
    • • Learning Centers.
    • • Physical Education.
    • • Conocimientos, habilidades y destrezas
    • • Religion.


    Homeroom Teacher Anayessi Solorzano María Catarína Romero Karina Cordoba Fluissner Rebeca Alemán Solange Amador Alitza Forbes Brenda Rios Tania Rothschuh Priscilla Vega
    E-mail asolorzano@stmary.edu.ni mromero@stmary.edu.ni kcordoba@stmary.edu.ni faleman@stmary.edu.ni samador@stmary.edu.ni aforbes@stmary.edu.ni brios@stmary.edu.ni tdavila@stmary.edu.ni pvega@stmary.edu.ni


    Teacher Mr. Jymmy Aguilar Roberto Escobar Jeanette Julián
    E-mail jaguilar@stmary.edu.ni rescobar@stmary.edu.ni orientación@stmary.edu.ni


    Dear Parents:   Dear Parents, May The Grace of Jesus Christ our Lord be with us! Our team of educators in the elementary area at St. Mary School have started this school year 2017 with several trainings guided towards the achievement of educational quality. Together, we have reflected upon our educational practice to improve our procedures, emphasizing on the learning process that is centered on our students. Our educational proposal...




    Ms. Carolina Porras Ms. Rina Rios Mrs. Dilley Cuadra
    fporras@stmary.edu.ni rrios@stmary.edu.ni dcuadra@stmary.edu.ni
    Ms. Karen Silva Mr. Junnior Berrios Mrs. Grace Castro
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    Ms.Luzana Gómez Ms. Ana D'Andrea Mr. Armando Robleto
    lgomezs@stmary.edu.ni adandrea@stmary.edu.ni arobleto@stmary.edu.ni
    Ms. Juliana Porto Mr. Luis Hernández Ms. Miriam Guerrero
    jporto@stmary.edu.ni lhernandez@stmary.edu.ni mguerrero@stmary.edu.ni
    Mrs. Danila Acevedo Mr. Selim Silva
    dacevedo@stmary.edu.ni ssilva@stmary.edu.ni
    Mr. Daniel Cáceres Ms. Brenda Siles
    dcaceres@stmary.edu.ni bsiles@stmary.edu.ni
    Spanish Spanish P.E P.E P.E P.E Religión Religión OTV Dance Music Comnputer


    Saint Mary High School´s Student Profile. Welcome to Saint Mary´s High School. As a competitive school we are aware of the great responsibility that implies preparing our students to comply with the high demands of today´s global world. Thus, at STM we prepare our students to take active roles on their education and guide them in their learning process by engaging the different subjects that will enhance their critical thinking and knowledge providing them valuable skills to succeed. Academics. Our curriculum is based on Common Core Standards that meets international demands. We use the latest book editions that our students have access to, both, hard copy and on-line (eBooks). Our teachers are committed professionals who provide meaningful learning experiences through methodologies that integrate technology which promotes students` knowledge and sets the bases to move on to higher levels.


    Mrs. Graciela Torres Ms. Glenda Torres Ms. Darling Conrado Mr. Milton López Mr. Yamil Sandino Mr. Jorge Armando Joya Mr. Allan Mercado Mrs. Claudia Pérez Ms. Miriam Guerrero Ms. Claudia Davila Mr. Sergio Arguello Ms. Gema Miranda Mr. Jymmy Aguilar Ms. Ivania Arias
    gtorres@stmary.edu.ni torresg@stmary.edu.ni dconrado@stmary.edu.ni mlopez@stmary.edu.ni ysandino@stmary.edu.ni jjoya@stmary.edu.ni amercado@stmary.edu.ni kgonzalez@stmary.edu.ni mguerrero@stmary.edu.ni cdavila@stmary.edu.ni sarguello@stmary.edu.ni gmiranda@stmary.edu.ni jaguilar@stmary.edu.ni iareas@stmary.edu.ni